Antawn Jamison Describes How The Mindset Of LeBron James And Kobe Bryant Differ

Photo Credit: John McCoy/Getty Images


Retired NBA player Antawn Jamison had a rare opportunity to play with two of the most iconic players of all-time in LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. Jamison played with LeBron in 2009-10 NBA season and Bryant in 2012-13.

LeBron and Bryant are often compared to each other in terms of playstyle, accolades and such. Their careers also overlapped with each other so much has already been said about the similarities and differences between the two great players.

Jamison recently appeared on “The VC Show” and had the chance to describe the differences between LeBron and Bryant in terms of mindset. He now said that Kobe was more like Michael Jordan, while LeBron had a “happy-go-lucky” approach before he went to the Miami Heat.


“At that particular time, Bron needed to go into a situation like he did with Miami,” Jamison said of James’ first stint with the Cavs. “… The difference between Bron and Kobe, Kobe was more like Mike, just the mentality. 

Bron was more like happy-go-lucky, just still having a good time, all the handshakes they was doing. So, I think Bron needed to go there with Pat Riley and learn about the mentality that Mike and Magic [Johnson] and those guys — D-Wade (Dwyane Wade) already had it, so I think by those couple years, by him being down there in Miami, it took him to the next level. … And from what I heard after he got back from Miami from the people with the organization, you could tell he came back different.”


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