Patrick Beverley Claims James Harden Stole His Signature Step-Back From Him

Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images


Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has the tendency to exaggerate or even fabricate stories about pop culture, just as much as he loves reading the first page of books.

But his former teammate Patrick Beverley might have surpassed him as the NBA’s ‘master capper’ in recent weeks. Beverley, who’s always had a similar tendency of fabricating stories to make him look better, recently claimed that it was actually his decision to leave Los Angeles, and that he requested the trade.

Now, the point guard one up’d himself again during the most recent episode of his podcast, when he claimed that he is the reason James Harden does his signature step-backs. According to Beverley, Harden picked it up from him during their together in Houston.


“There was a time when he wasn’t doing step-backs… we was playing ones and sh*t, my first two years in the NBA and every move I did I finished with a step-back… “Why you always stepping back?” , I hit him up a year ago and he goes, ‘yeah dawg you were onto something’.”


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