Stephen Curry Says Warriors’ Season Is Equally Inspiring As It’s Depressing

Photo Credit: Getty Images


The Golden State Warriors entered this season as championship favorites following their last year’s Finals win. But with postseason around the corner, the Warriors have been nowhere close to that level.

The reigning champions currently hold a disappointing 38-36 record, putting them on the edge of the Play-Ins as the current 6th seed of the Western Conference. The Warriors have been wildly inconsistent this season, especially when playing on the road. Overall, it’s fair to say that this season has been really odd, not only for Warriors fans, but also for the players.

Warriors Star Stephen Curry now shed some light on the positives and negatives of this season, while also admitting that the season has indeed been weird for everyone.

Per Warriors Wire:


“It’s inspiring and depressing all at the same time; you still feel like you’re in it, which we are. You still feel like we can peak at the right time. There’s a lot of confidence in that. But it’s also you don’t want to be in a situation with everything that we’ve accomplished and the idea of who we are that we’re checking the standings for the last 20 games to see if we’re in or out of the play-in tournament vibe. It’s weird in that sense.”


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