Adult Film Company Offers Mark Jackson $1 Million To Be Play-By-Play Announcer After Being Fired By ESPN


Earlier this week, we reported that ESPN fired NBA analyst and color commentator Mark Jackson after 10 years with the network. The move comes as part of a larger round of layoffs at ESPN, which has been hit hard by declining ratings and revenue.

Jackson was a popular analyst for ESPN, and he was known for his fiery personality and his insights into the game of basketball. He was also a part of the network’s top NBA broadcast team, which included Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy, who’s contract was terminated last month.

Jackson however won’t have to be without a job for all too long, if he decides to take the offer of adult website Cam Soda. Cam Soda has offered Jackson $1,000,000 to provide play-by-play analysis during their live cam shows, and even suggested that he should use his famous catchphrase, “Grown Man Move,” during intimate acts.

This is what Cam Soda’s Vice President, Daryn Parker wrote in a letter to Jackson:


Dear Mark Jackson,

My condolences on being laid off by ESPN and vacating your role as an NBA analyst at the worldwide leader in sports.

Now that you’re out of a job and in search of work, I’d like to formally extend you an offer. We here at Cam Soda – an adult site – would like to hire you as the company’s first-ever play-by-play announcer for adult cam shows. You’d call private cam sessions just like you had been calling NBA games, commentating on the action playing out in front of your very eyes. You can even use your catchphrase, “Grown Man Move” for sensational moments during couples shows when the man bangs down low and goes strong to the hole.

In return for hiring you as Cam Soda’s play-by-play announcer – a role you would have to serve for one full year – we’d be willing to compensate you up to $1,000,000.

Please take some time to consider my offer. I’d like to get you back on the mic and calling the…action…ASAP.


It’s not the first time that Cam Soda has reached out to ESPN talent that was fired. A couple of years ago, they reached out to Paul Pierce to offer him an NBA analyst job with as many strippers as he would like, when the Celtics legend was released of his duty, after a controversial Instagram Live video that included strippers.

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