23 Years Ago Today Tony Delk Had The Most Surprising 50+ Point Game In NBA History


When it comes to surprising 50+ point games in the NBA, we often talk about Corey Brewer, Terrence Ross or Mo Williams. 

But what likely was the most surprising 50+ point game, came courtesy of Tony Delk.

You see, up until his infamous 53-point game against the Sacramento Kings on January 2, 2001, Delk had never scored 30 or more points in an NBA game in his then already five-year long career in the league. In the 5 years he remained in the NBA after that night, he also wasn’t able to hit the 30 point mark ever again.

But that night, Delk went bonkers, made 53 points on 20-for-27 field goal shooting and looked like a full-blown superstar.


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