Isiah Thomas Was Hilariously Trolled By NBA Twitter, After His Angry Tweet About Delta Airlines


Basketball Hall of Famer and NBA legend Isiah Thomas ran into some regular people problems yesterday, when Delta Airlines allegedly bumped him off a flight, which he had a paid ticket and assigned seat assignment for.

Thomas therefore didn’t make it to the NBA studios in time and wasn’t able to do his job. He angrily confronted the airline on Twitter.


“I experienced a level of incompetence and disrespect @Delta, HPN airport today on my way to work. To all my fans who were looking forward to seeing me on NBATV tonight you can blame Delta for not letting me on the flight which I had a paid ticket and seat assignment. Happy 2024.”



Unfortunately for Zeke, not only did he only receive a generic copy and paste response by the airline, but also had NBA Twitter jump on the thread to have some fun with it. Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for Thomas, it was incredibly hilarious.



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