WOW! Stephen A. Smith Brutally Went Off On Kevin Durant

Photo Credit: ESPN

WOW! Stephen A. Smith Brutally Went Off On Kevin Durant


Stephen A. Smith and Kevin Durant have never liked each other and most likely won’t ever become friends.

Two years ago, Smith threatened Durant after Durant dismissed Smith’s report of possible destinations for Durant. Durant responded to Smith by essentially saying that he had absolutely no idea what Smith was talking about. He even accused Smith of lying. Smith then went on a WWE-like rant and said:


“You don’t want to make an enemy out of me.”



Yesterday, Stephen A. Smith was adding more fuel to the fire. Smith didn’t like Durant’s statement about the playoffs being boring. Durant said:


“Fans want to see a buzzer-beater every game. It’s not like that sometimes. … If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.”


On last night’s First Take, Smith said that Durant has become more disrespectful and arrogant over the years, also saying that Durant hasn’t gotten any smarter with age.


“He’s aged. And along the process of aging, he’s gotten more arrogant, he’s gotten more disrespectful, he’s gotten more dismissive, particularly of the fans. To be quite honest with you, he hasn’t gotten smarter. And the reason why he hasn’t gotten smarter is because the younger Durant never would have said something so flagrantly disrespectful towards fans.”



It looks like things are starting to become more personal between the two. I can’t wait to hear Durant’s response.

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