Everything You Need To Know From Last Night’s Games (12/11/2016)


Everything You Need To Know From Last Night’s Games (12/11/2016)


– The 76ers smashed the Pistons on their home floor.

– Joel Embiid did not play.

– Nerlens Noel returned and played 10 minutes.

– The Thunder were down 13 points in the third quarter but clawed their way to win against the Celtics.

– Isiah Thomas did not play.

– The game goes down to the wire and heads up plays from Westbrook as well as Steven Adams which led to a Grant jam sealed the deal.

– The Celtics couldn’t draw up anything down the stretch to get a good look to come away with the victory.

– Westbrook finishes with 37 points and 12 rebounds as his triple double streak ends at 7.

– The Warriors were down for most of the contest against the Timberwolves but came away on top when it mattered most.

– The Timberwolves continue to struggle to close games and they couldn’t contain the Warriors offense in crunch time.

– Klay Thompson had 30.

– Kevin Durant shot just 28% from the field.

– The Pelicans and Suns went down to the wire as the Pelicans held on in Phoenix.

– Tim Frazier had a triple double off the bench 14/11/11 

– The Suns had a chance to win it but a Booker three pointer was partially blocked by Anthony Davis to save the win. It was very close to a foul and could have well been given also.

– 32 points for Eric Bledsoe.

– The Knicks held off the Lakers in LA.

– 25 points for Derrick Rose who was great.

– Kristaps Porzingis had 26 and 12.

– He also had 7 blocks.

– D’Angelo Russell was back in action.



POINTS: Russell Westbrook – 37; REBOUNDS: Andre Drummond – 14; ASSISTS: Tim Frazier – 11; STEALS: Andre Drummond – 6; BLOCKS: Kristaps Porzingis – 7


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