Wizards Commentator Made Awfully Insulting Reference To Kevin Porter Jr.’s Late Father

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Wizards Commentator Made Awfully Insulting Reference To Kevin Porter Jr.’s Late Father


During halftime of Saturday night’s game between the Houston Rockets and Denver Nuggets, Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr.  got into a heated discussion with his assistant coach John Lucas and refused to return to the court. He eventually even left the arena during the second half.

In the aftermath of the incident, Porter Jr. was suspended for one-game. The coaching team though voiced their support and said that it should not be blown out of proportion.

This is also why KPJ came back and started again last night, when the Rockets faced the Washington Wizards. And what did he do? Well, he made it even crazier of a storyline, when casually drilled a buzzer-beating step-back three to win the game. It was like something out of a movie.



But the movie turned into a nightmare if you were watching the Washington Wizards feed on League Pass or NBC Sports Washington.

Commentator Glenn Consor’s call of the play unintetentionally was incredibly uncalled for. He unknowingly took a shady shot at Kevin Porter Jr. by bringing up his late father, Kevin Porter Jr. who spent a lengthy time in prison after shooting a girl. 

Consor, who like many likely was under the impression of KPJ’s dad being former NBA star Kevin Porter, who also played for the Washington Bullets in the 70s and 80s, called KPJ’s game-winner with following words: 


“Kevin Porter Jr., like his dad, pulled that trigger right at the right time“



For a little bit more context, here’s the story of Kevin Porter Jr.’s upbringing and the tragic story of his father. KPJ only knew his father for the first four years of his life. Porter Sr. was a great athlete at Rainier Beach High School, the sane school Porter Jr. would eventually also attend. Porter Sr. played football, baseball, and basketball and was actually teammates with Jamal Crawford. 

Those that knew him say that Porter Sr. was a talented player that simply allowed himself to get caught up in life on the streets of South Seattle.

In August 1993, he was charged with first-degree murder of a 14-year-old girl. The only witness to the incident, a friend of the girl, initially told police that Porter Sr. was in his car with the girl, pointed a gun at her, told her he was going to shoot her, and then pulled the trigger, but later recanted her statement of the shooting being intentional.

Porter Sr. himself had said that the teenager had asked to see his semiautomatic weapon, which was loaded and cocked, and it accidentally discharged while he was handing it to her. He eventually pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter and was sentenced to four and a half years in prison.

When he got out of prison he and his wife Ayanna, who he had a daughter with already, had two more children, the youngest being Kevin Porter Jr., who was born in May 2000. But as mentioned earlier, KPJ only knew his father for the first four years of his life. The reason for that is also quite tragic. In July 2004, Porter Sr. was shot five times and killed in a Seattle bar. It was said that he was trying to help a friend who was in trouble when an altercation broke out. 



KPJ, has always taken pride in having the same name as his father, and to this day wears No. 4 to honor him.



So this unfortunate mistake by Consor, and that is what I think it was, an honest mistake, now stirred up a lot of drama, and even LeBron James caught wind of it and attacked Consor.



If it wasn’t a mixup with Kevin Porter, the NBA player though, he obviously shouldn’t call NBA games any longer.


Consor now confirmed the mistake and apologized.


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