When The Nets Traded Rookie Kyle Korver To Philly In Exchange For A Copy Machine

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When The Nets Traded Rookie Kyle Korver To Philly In Exchange For A Copy Machine


The other day, after 17 seasons in the NBA, Kyle Korver called it quits on his active playing career and revealed that he will join the Brooklyn Nets as player development assistant coach.

During his heyday, Korver was one of the greatest three-point shooters the league has ever seen, not least because of his efficiency. Korver also was considered to be one of the smartest players in the league with great decision making.

Hard to believe that this kind of talent once was traded for a copy machine… well kind of.

It was draft day in 2003 (the infamous LeBron, Melo, Wade and Bosh class) and Kyle Korver was picked with the 53rd pick in the draft by the New Jersey Nets, who immediately traded his rights to the Sixers for $125,000 cash to cover their Summer League entry fee. The money that was still left after paying the fee was used to buy a copy machine.

In 2019, the former All-Star spoke at his alma mater, Creighton University’s commencement and revealed that he found out that the copy machine he got traded for stopped working a couple years ago, while he was still playing. I guess Philly won the trade after all.


“I’m not sure trade is the right word, I was more or less sold for an undisclosed amount of money. I later found out they used that money to pay for the entry fee for the summer league team and with the leftover money that bought a copy machine. What’s your trade value? Apparently mine is a copy machine. But it’s OK because a couple of years ago, that copy machine broke and I’m still playing.”


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