When Michael Jordan’s Hitler Moustache Boosted Sales For Hanes

Photo Credit: Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

When Michael Jordan’s Hitler Moustache Boosted Sales For Hanes


In 2010, Michael Jordan sparked lots of controversy when he was wearing a Hitler moustache for an ad.

The relationship between Jordan and Hanes dates back to 1989, when Hanes was still part of Chicago-area-based Sara Lee Corp. The two parties still have an ongoing partnership, and when they celebrated their 30-year anniversary of their endorsement partnership, they added trading cards to over 800,000 packages of Hanes men’s underwear. Each pack contained five of the 170 cards, with ten of the packs containing a card that was autographed by Jordan.

While this ad definitely was a success due to the added trading cards, the 2010 ad really raised some questions.

Everyone knows that this style of mustache directly relates to one of the most horrible and heinous human beings in human history. So why did Jordan wear exactly that type of mustache? To this day, this question has not been answered.


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