Stephen Jackson Appoints LeBron James As The Greatest Athlete Ever After Heartfelt Conversation

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Stephen Jackson Appoints LeBron James As The Greatest Athlete Ever After Heartfelt Conversation


Stephen Jackson and LeBron James are among the many athletes who are expressing outrage over the horrific killing of Minneapolis resident George Floyd, a helpless African-American man who died after being knelt down by a police officer.

Jackson, who was Floyd’s friend, recently joined a rally and gave a powerful speech following the death of his friend whom he called his ‘twin’. Following this, Jackson and LeBron James shared a heartfelt exchange after the latter shared Jackson’s speech on his own Instagram account.

The conversation was made public by Captain Jack during an Instagram live session with Mark J. Spears. While sharing details of their conversation, the retired NBA player then appointed James as the greatest athlete of all-time.


“[James] posted me speaking, and I text him back, I say, ‘I appreciate you, bro. I won’t let you down,'” Jackson told The Undefeated’s Marc J. Spears during an Instagram Live session Monday. “He text me back, ‘You haven’t, and I won’t either.’ That was deep. I always tell people, [Michael] Jordan might be the best basketball player, but LeBron is the greatest athlete ever. It’s bigger than basketball with me why I love LeBron.”



Countless of athletes have decided not to remain silent. Like Jackson, several NBA players including Karl-Anthony Towns, J.R Smith, Malcolm Brogdon, Enes Kanter, and Jaylen Brown among others have chosen to take part of the protests on the streets, despite the threat brought by the coronavirus pandemic, and law enforcement.

James meanwhile, continues to use his platform and storm social media, creating awareness and showing support for systematic change. James has never shied away speaking up against social injustice. Just before this issue, the 35-year old superstar also addressed the shooting of a young black man named Ahmaud Arbery. 

Indeed, it’s bigger than basketball.

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