When Michael Jordan Casually Asked Chris Webber ‘Who’s Checking Me?’ While Sitting On Top Of His Ferrari, Smoking A Cigar Before A Playoff Game

via @SI_Vault


There are so many great Michael Jordan stories that show just how intimidatingly great of a player he was – and Chris Webber’s story isn’t any different.

During an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show a couple years ago, Webber, a multiple All-Star himself, revealed his first ‘Michael Jordan experience’ from the 1997 NBA Playoffs, which includes Jordan sitting on top of his Ferrari and smoking a cigar shortly before the start of the game.


“I remember the first time I face Jordan… He’s sitting in the arena on his Ferrari, and I think I’ve told somebody this, but this the only I’ve let a teammate down, like I threw a teammate under the bus.

It’s game 3 or game 2. We’re playing in their arena, and he’s in the arena smoking a cigar. He’s smoking a freaking cigar before the game… And he’s like ‘yo, who’s checking today?’ And this is when you’re supposed say ‘man, shut up, we’re about to beat you… and then he went to score 54 points there in Chicago.”


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