Warriors Owner Joe Lacob Says Trading For Another Star Is Very Unlikely: “We Already Have The Stars”

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Warriors Owner Joe Lacob Says Trading For Another Star Is Very Unlikely: “We Already Have The Stars”


It was previously reported that Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green have opened up on the Golden State Warriors management and told that they want the team to focus on landing a player that could help them right away, even if that move comes at the cost of their young assets.

Such report comes as no surprise given that the Warriors’ championship window with their current Big 3 isn’t as open as ever and betting on young players with lack of playoff experience to help them contend doesn’t seem like the best strategy to maximize their window, particularly Curry’s remaining peak seasons. 

However, despite offseason wish from Curry, Thompson and Green, Warriors owner Joe Lacob has made it clear that he’s adamant about preserving the team’s future with their young assets and trading for another star is very unlikely to happen.

Per The Athletic:


“Honestly, this is sort of my dream,” Lacob said. “And I know this isn’t popular with a lot of people. They think we ought to go get the next star. We already have the stars. And we have a payroll that’s — and I’ve said this when I was interviewed before, but nobody listened. It’s very unlikely, I’ve said that we’re not going to trade for anybody that people are expecting. Very unlikely. It’s not impossible. But if it was going to be somebody, it was going to be somebody really great. It was going to be a big trade. It’s unlikely.”

“If we can’t, then you should look at Joe Lacob and Bob Myers and Steph Curry and Klay Thompson and Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins and say you weren’t good enough,” Lacob said. “You’re paying all that money you weren’t good enough. They need to be good enough and they should be. They’ve won before. They’re a little older, but they’re still really good. Klay will be back. That’s the key. I think we’ll be good enough. Yes.

“Now, we add a few veterans. We’re going to do that (in free agency). You’ll see in the next few days. Then we now have some incredible potential that we can bridge to the future. When you can do both those things at once, it’s magic. Who does that? The Lakers didn’t make the playoffs for six straight years. I don’t want to be the Lakers, I don’t want to be six years out. It’s too important to me. I don’t want to sit and be a losing team. I think we’re going to be good and hopefully great every year.”


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