Vince Carter Really Isn’t Your Typical NBA Veteran

Photo Credit: Paul Kitagaki Jr / SacBee

Vince Carter Really Isn’t Your Typical NBA Veteran


He’s 40 years old, and he seems to be unbreakable. Vince Carter even admitted, that his body feels better now, than it did when he was 25.

Carter signed a one-year, $8 million contract with the Sacramento Kings this offseason and will soon be playing his 20th NBA season. Vince Carter has already had an incredible NBA career. He’s been to 8 All Star games, was part of a few All NBA teams, was named rookie of the year, won the NBA dunk contest (with the greatest performance in history) and was one of the most spectacular players the NBA has ever seen. One thing is missing though – an NBA championship. To win a ring, Sacramento definitely is the wrong place at this time.

But, unlike many of his veteran colleagues, Carter’s mission wasn’t ever and still isn’t to chase a ring. There are numerous succesful and unsuccesful examples of players who did try to chase a ring.

Carter though, prefers to continue having a bigger role with a team, rather than playing only a few minutes to win a ring. It is likely that Vince could have joined a contender for his veteran minimum. Most teams would be happy to have a guy like him on their roster. Carter now talked to Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated, and explained why he joined the Sacramento Kings.


“I can’t do that. That’s not who I am. I want to be a part of something,” Carter said. “I want to play. It’s easy to play for a good team and sit there. It would be great to have the ring to accomplish it. Yes, I earned it because I am there every day making those guys better. I get all that. But I want to contribute.

“I’m not at the stage where I can sit there and be OK with it when I know I have something to give to this game still. That’s why. When things are different and I probably can’t play but 10 minutes a game or whatever, I can probably sit there and accept it. I can’t accept it now.”


He’ll forever be half man, half amazing!

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