[VIDEO] Team USA checking in, EXCEPT (Grandpa) CARMELO

melo granpa

[VIDEO] Team USA checking in, EXCEPT (Grandpa) CARMELO


After the Butler and Kyrie singing ‘A thousand miles’ on the plane ([VIDEO] Carmelo Anthony is Not Pleased with Jimmy Butler & Kyrie Irving’s Singing) video, with Carmelo Anthony’s displeased reaction, we’ve now got a part 2.

Draymon Green recorded a video of him saying he’s checking in (to the Olympics). Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler played along, also saying they’re checking in. When the Camera reaches Melo, he reacts just like before – “I’m having none of that”! I guess grandpa will be his new Team USA nickname from now on.

I would love to be on Team USA, seems like so much fun.


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