Video Of Joel Embiid Practicing Shots From Out Of Bounds So He Can Bump & Harass MSG Usher Surfaces


A recent incident involving Philadelphia 76ers’ star Joel Embiid has turned heads for all the wrong reasons. A video that surfaced online shows Embiid at Madison Square Garden engaging in what appears to be an unconventional practice session, but it’s his interaction with an MSG usher that has sparked widespread discussion and disapproval.

The footage reveals Embiid taking shots from out of bounds, a peculiar choice for a practice drill. However, it’s the subsequent actions that have caught the public’s attention. As Embiid executes exaggerated fadeaway jumpers, he consistently lands in the vicinity of an unsuspecting usher, leading to repeated physical contact. This behavior, which some have interpreted as deliberate pestering, has not sat well with fans and onlookers.



Social media platforms have been ablaze with reactions, many condemning Embiid’s lack of respect for the usher’s professional space and duties. The situation escalated as members of the 76ers’ entourage seemed to enable Embiid’s behavior, with coaches and trainers reportedly dismissing the interactions as part of Embiid’s “fadeaway” practice.

The incident has raised questions about the boundaries of player conduct and the responsibilities of team staff. While some fans have defended Embiid, citing his known affection for New York and playful nature, others have pointed to this event as indicative of a pattern of behavior unbecoming of a professional athlete.

As the Knicks progress in the playoffs and the 76ers reflect on their season, the conversation around Embiid’s actions off the court continues. It remains to be seen how this will affect his reputation and relationship with fans, but one thing is clear: the line between competitive spirit and professional decorum has been blurred, and the sports community is watching closely.

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