Draymond Green Also Insulted Warriors Bench Players


Draymond Green Also Insulted Warriors Bench Players


On Monday night, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green had an altercation. Durant was confronting Green about not passing the ball to him in the final possession of regulation. Green responded by bringing up Durant’s impending free agency, while calling him a bitch.

This led to a one-game suspension for Green, also because he didn’t stop going at Durant in the locker room after the game. The Warriors made public that they’ll handle the situation internally, but more and more details about the incident are coming to surface. According to Shams, Kevin Durant wasn’t the only teammate who was insulted by Green.


“Don’t talk to me and come at me like I’m _____,” as he mentioned the name of a Warriors big man in the bench rotation. “I’ve won before you came…”



One anonymous Warriors player apparently said that he doubts Kevin Durant will be coming back after ‘that’.


“​​With what was said, there is already no way Durant is coming back,” the player said. “The only hope is that they can say this summer, ‘See, KD. We’ve got your back. We protected you from Draymond.'”



While we should not get ahead of ourselves, because let’s be honest, we don’t what’s really going through Durant’s mind, there is one interesting fact: The Los Angeles Lakers’ 2019-2020 cap space is $38.2 million, Kevin Durant’s projected starting max salary for 2019-2020 is $38.3 million. There are no coincidences…

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