Victor Wembanyama Downplays Kyrie Irving’s Tough Layup Over Him: “Lucky Shot”


Even the best defenders get cooked sometimes. It’s just part of the game in the NBA, where offensive talent runs sky-high and players become virtually unstoppable in certain moments.

That’s exactly what happened when Kyrie Irving faced off against Victor Wembanyama. Everyone knows Wembanyama is a giant wall on defense, making scoring incredibly tough, especially going right at him. But during their game, Irving pulled off something extraordinary.



Now, getting scored on by Irving isn’t exactly a disgrace. He’s one of the most skilled players ever, an elite bucket-getter who can weave his way past anyone. But, according to the Dallas Mavericks guard, Wembanyama downplayed the play, referring to it as merely a lucky shot.


“Big fella (Wemby) just came over and said that was a lucky shot. I caught him with a hesi, baseline, he thought I was going to reverse it and I went middle. Something about using that rim as protection as a small guard.”


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