Donor Heart Found: Scot Pollard Undergoing Heart Transplant Surgery

Photo Credit: NBA


In basketball, some players may not bask in the spotlight as much as superstars, but their contributions are nonetheless significant. Scot Pollard, a journeyman center who graced the hardwood for several NBA teams during his career, and who won a championship with the Boston Celtics, is one such player whose impact transcends the box score.

From his early days at the University of Kansas to his role as a key rotation player in the NBA, Pollard’s journey is a testament to hard work, versatility, and the invaluable role of unsung heroes in the world of basketball.

While, aside from his Survivor participation, it has gotten quite around Pollard in recent years, we’ve received some tragic news regarding his person, a couple of weeks ago, when we reported that he is in need of a heart transplant.

Pollard is suffering from a genetic issue, that has his heart beating an extra 10,000 times per day. This was triggered by a flu-like virus he contracted in 2021, the same thing that happened to his father who passed 30 years ago.

Now, in a turn of events, after it wasn’t looking too good for a while, a donor heart, that was big enough to be a match, has surfaced. Pollard’s wife, Dawn revealed today, that Pollard was preparing for surgery.


“Scot wanted me to let everyone know that the pre-heart transplant hair is gone, it’s go time! Please keep the prayers coming for Scot, the surgeons, for the donor and his family who lose their loved one. This donor gave the most amazing gift of life and we are forever grateful.”


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