Vernon Maxwell Once Tried To Stab Hakeem Olajuwon During Halftime After Being Slapped & Had Police Draw Guns On Him


Two-time NBA champion Vernon Maxwell more than lived up to his nickname ‘Mad Max’.

Most famously in February 1995, when he lost his cool and first insulted a heckler, then argued with his teammate about it, before casually walking into the stands, and towards the heckler, to deliver a devastating right hand.

During an appearance on the No Chill With Gilbert Arenas podcast, Maxwell revealed that he once even wanted to harm a superstar teammate. 

Mad Max said that he planned to chase down Hakeem Olajuwon and “stab the sh*t out of him,” if police didn’t break up a fight between the two during halftime of a game in Seattle.

The Rockets had an off first half and Maxwell was a no show. While he thought his teammates didn’t pass him the ball often enough, Olajuwon’s impression was different.

Olajuwon yelled at Maxwell before smacking him.


“That motherf**er hit me so hard, man, he knocked me out the chair.”


Maxwell responded by throwing a chair at Hakeem. He then picked up a big piece of glass with the intent to stab Olajuwon. Police came to the locker room to intervene, leading to them even drawing their guns on Maxwell… during half-time of an NBA game.


“I jumped up, grabbed my chair, and throwed it at [that] motherf–ker, bust the glass in the locker room. Everybody running out. Police come in with the guns drawn, like ‘what the hell goin’ on in here?’ Damn, they got the guns on me at a professional halftime. At a professional game.”


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