Vanessa Bryant Shares Video Of Kobe Bryant’s Heartfelt Reaction To Eagles’ Super Bowl LII Win

Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images


We all know that many NBA players are NFL fans and vice versa. We’ve seen plenty of basketball players in football stadiums, cheering on their favorite team, just like we’ve seen plenty of football players sit courtside in an NBA arena.

Tonight, Super Bowl LVII will take place in Phoenix, Arizona, and when the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs walk out onto the field, the entire world will be watching. The Chiefs last won the Super Bowl two years ago in 2021, when they beat the San Fransisco 49ers. The last time the Eagles were able to take home the gold was five years ago in the franchise’s first Super Bowl win.

Before the game, Vanessa Bryant shared a video of Kobe, who was a Philadelphia Eagles fan, on her Instagram. In the video, you can see Kobe’s hearfelt reaction to the Eagles’ Super Bowl LII win over the New England Patriots, while being full of joy, jumping around like a little kid on Christmas Morning…. Who’s cutting onions?


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