Unfortunate Hawks Fan’s Bad Luck By Choosing The 9 Of 10 Suitcases With No Prize


Wednesday’s game between the Orlando Magic and Atlanta Hawks ended with a bang. Dejounte Murray hit a 17-foot buzzer-beating jumper as time expired to give the Hawks a 106-104 victory over the Magic.



But while the game was incredibly entertaining and went down the wire, it wasn’t as dramatic as what happened during halftime.

During the halftime show, a fortunate (or should I say unfortunate) fan was selected to participate in a challenge on the court. The challenge involved making as many free throws as possible within a 30-second time frame.

The number of successful free throws would determine the number of briefcases the spectator could open. In total, there were 10 briefcases, and one of them contained a claimable $500 gift card.

Remarkably, the fan managed to make nine free throws within the 30 seconds, giving him the opportunity to open nine of the 10 suitcases.

To make things quicker and easier, the host asked the fan to specify the suitcase he did not wish to open. Without hesitation, the spectator chose suitcase number 10.

Subsequently, one by one, suitcases one to nine were opened, but unfortunately, none of them contained the coveted gift card, as it was in suitcase number 10. What are the odds… (yeah, I know, 10%, but it’s just a saying…)


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