Isiah Thomas Compares The Kyrie/KD-Led Brooklyn Nets To His Bad Boys Pistons

Photo Credit: Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Isiah Thomas Compares The Kyrie/KD-Led Brooklyn Nets To His Bad Boys Pistons


The Brooklyn Nets, who are bannered by Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, are one of the most anticipated teams in the league heading into the next season.

The Nets didn’t have the chance to play at full strength last year due to injuries of two of their cornerstones. Next year however, things could turn out differently.

Irving and Durant are expected to return full healthy next season and will be joining an emerging star in Caris LeVert. In addition to this, the team has also signed two-time MVP Steve Nash as their head coach, and former Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni as their new assistant coach.

The Nets look as interesting as they get, that even Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas, who recently went live with Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson, found a way to compare them to his Bad Boys Pistons team that won two championships and were popular for being the roadblock to Michael Jordan’s early championship quest.


Isiah Thomas started, “We didn’t have a Kevin Durant. Let’s be clear. That’s a whole other level in terms of basketball play.” 

“But in terms of the versatility that they’re able to bring to the floor, from the three guards with myself, Joe, Vinnie. When you look at LeVert, Dinwiddie, Durant, and also Kyrie, who I think is probably the most creative player in the game,” said Thomas. “He [Kyrie] is about exploiting the art and the artistry of the game. I relate to that. I admire that. Then when you pair him with another creative mind like a Steve Nash, I just think the Nets are not only going to be exciting but they have the potential to be just beautiful watching them play every single night.”


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