Udonis Haslem Says Chris Bosh, Not LeBron James, Was Miami Heat’s Most Important Player During Big 3 Era


During the Miami Heat’s famous run from 2011 to 2014, LeBron James undeniably reigned as the team’s best player. His two MVP awards and two Finals MVP titles solidify that claim.

However, while LeBron’s dominance was clear based on his accomplishments and production, Udonis Haslem, a key member of those championship teams, argues that Chris Bosh was the more important player.

Bosh undoubtedly played a significant role for the Heat, famously securing the crucial rebound in Game 6 of the 2014 Finals that kept their championship hopes alive. In Haslem’s eyes, Bosh was irreplaceable, whereas LeBron’s spot could be filled by Dwyane Wade on the court.


“If Bron went down, you could bring in D-Wade, and it’s not the same player, but you’re gonna get similar results. We couldn’t simulate it; we didn’t have another CB. If that went down and got hurt, we didn’t have another one of those.”


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