Tyronn Lue Has Owed Mike Brown $100 For 19 Years Now

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports

Tyronn Lue Has Owed Mike Brown $100 For 19 Years Now


Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue explained how and why he has owed Golden State Warriors interim head coach Mike Brown $100 since his rookie year as an NBA player, 19 years ago.

Back then, Mike Brown challenged Lue to a shooting contest, with the winner getting paid $100 by the loser. Tyronn Lue lost, but Brown refused to take Lue’s money. He also hasn’t accepted the money ever since, even though Lue tried to paid up on various occations, so that he can say ‘you owe me $100’ everytime they see each other. Lue said:


“I owe him $100 from when I was a rookie. I try to pay him and he’ll never take the money so he can say I always owe him. He was with the Spurs and I was with the Lakers, and we had a little shooting contest and I lost and he wouldn’t take the money, so from now 19 years in a row he says, ‘You owe me $100.’ He won’t take the money, but I’ve just always been close with Mike. I like Mike a lot. I respect him a lot. I had a chance to workout his son a lot at Impact in Vegas over the summer. Mike’s a good guy. I like and respect him a lot. But every time I see him. ‘You owe me $100.’ I try to pay, he won’t take it.”


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