Travis Kelce Was Heavily Booed By Mavericks Fans While Attending Game 3

Getty Images


During Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce experienced a less-than-warm welcome from the Dallas Mavericks fans. The Mavericks had the American Airlines Center buzzing with anticipation for the pivotal matchup. However, when Kelce attempted to energize the crowd, the response was not what he expected.

Kelce, alongside teammate Patrick Mahomes, was featured on the Jumbotron as part of a crowd-rousing moment. Instead of the cheers typically afforded to celebrities, Kelce was met with a wave of boos from the Mavericks supporters. The tight end appeared taken aback by the reaction, displaying a look of surprise before acknowledging the crowd with a wave and a point towards Mahomes.

Mahomes, in contrast, received a hero’s welcome. The Texas native and NFL superstar stood up to a chorus of cheers, lifting his arms to further incite the crowd’s enthusiasm.



The Mavericks’ social media team didn’t miss a beat, playfully trolling Kelce by referring to him as “Taylor Swift’s boyfriend,” a nod to his high-profile relationship with the pop star. Despite the boos, Kelce took the moment in stride, demonstrating the good humor and sportsmanship that fans have come to expect from the NFL player.


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