Three People Shot Outside Bucks Arena After Game 6

Photo by: TMJ4

Three People Shot Outside Bucks Arena After Game 6


Thousands of Milwaukee Bucks fans watching playoff games in front of the arena, a place that has been named Deer District, has become a real thing in these past two seasons.

And just like during the Finals last year, Deer District also reached its capacity limits just before halftime of Game 6 on Friday night.



Then after the game, which the Bucks lost, a mass hysteria broke out at Deer District after shots were fired in the near surroundings, and fans were seen sprinting away from the arena.



According to various reports, three people were shot outside of Fiserv Forum and were taken to a local hospital. They are in stable condition. The incident took place outside of the Deer District and police reported that they have a 29-year-old man in in custody, with a gun having been recovered.


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