The WNBA’s Soaring Success – The 2024 Season Comes With Record-Breaking Attendance And Viewership


The WNBA is experiencing a historic surge in popularity, as evidenced by the remarkable increase in attendance and television viewership for the 2024 season. The league has reported an impressive 156% increase in attendance from last year, with over half of the games being sellouts. This is a testament to the growing interest and investment in women’s sports, reflecting a broader shift in cultural appreciation for the athleticism and competitiveness of the players.

Television viewership has also seen a significant uptick, with an average of 1.32 million viewers tuning in to watch the games on networks such as ABC, ESPN, and others. This figure nearly triples the previous season’s average of 462,000, marking a pivotal moment for the league’s exposure and reach.

The WNBA’s 2024 season kicked off with the highest attendance in 26 years, and the most-watched games ever on national TV. The league’s success is not just limited to the United States; it’s resonating on a global scale, attracting diverse audiences and shattering previous records.

One of the key drivers behind this surge is the powerful rookie class, with players like Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese making significant contributions on the court and driving fan engagement. Their impact is reflected in merchandise sales, which have seen a 236% increase year-over-year, with jerseys flying off the shelves.

The WNBA’s growth is also evident in its digital presence, with the WNBA App’s monthly active users up by 613% year-over-year, and League Pass subscriptions more than tripling in the first two weeks of the season. This digital engagement is crucial as it indicates not only the number of fans but also their deepening connection with the league.

Chief Growth Officer Colie Edison expressed optimism about the league’s trajectory, stating,


“What’s happening now in women’s basketball is confirmation of what we’ve always known: The demand is there, and women’s sports is a valuable investment.”


This sentiment is echoed by the fans and the numbers, as the WNBA continues to break barriers and set new standards for professional women’s sports.

As the 2024 season progresses, the WNBA is poised to maintain this momentum, further solidifying its place as a premier sports league and a leader in championing gender equality in athletics. The league’s success story is not just about sports; it’s about societal progress and the recognition of women’s sports as an integral part of the sporting landscape.

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