NBA Eyes Expansion: Adam Silver Hints At Three Potential Cities


The National Basketball Association could be on the brink of an exciting expansion, with Commissioner Adam Silver recently teasing the addition of three potential cities to the league’s roster. As the NBA Finals captivate fans worldwide, Silver’s comments have sparked a buzz about the future landscape of the league.

During a Finals pregame segment on NBC Sports Boston, Silver discussed the league’s long-term plans, emphasizing the need to finalize new media rights deals before considering expansion. The current media rights deal is set to expire after the 2024-25 season, and the NBA is reportedly close to securing new agreements with NBC, ESPN, and Amazon, potentially worth around $76 billion over the next 11 years.



Silver highlighted that while expansion is not guaranteed, the league’s growth and the global popularity of basketball make the addition of new teams a viable option. The NBA Commissioner pointed out that other professional sports leagues, such as the NFL and NHL, have already expanded to 32 teams, suggesting that the NBA could follow suit.

The cities in the spotlight for potential NBA franchises are Seattle, Las Vegas, and Mexico City. Seattle, a city with a rich basketball history and a longing for the return of the SuperSonics, has been a long-rumored candidate. Las Vegas, known for its vibrant sports scene and successful integration of professional hockey and football, is also a strong contender. Mexico City, which has hosted regular-season NBA games since 2016, represents an opportunity for the league to bolster its international presence.

While Silver mentioned these three cities, he also acknowledged that several other U.S. and Canadian cities have expressed interest in hosting an NBA team. The decision to expand will depend on various factors, including the potential dilution of talent and the economic impact on the league.

As the NBA continues to negotiate its media rights deals, the prospect of expansion looms large. Fans in Seattle, Las Vegas, and Mexico City, as well as other hopeful locations, will be watching closely as the league charts its course for the future. With Silver at the helm, the NBA’s expansion could mark a new era for the sport, bringing the excitement of professional basketball to new markets and audiences.

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