The Reasons To Join GamStop for Basketball Fans

The Reasons To Join GamStop for Basketball Fans


GamStop is a self-exclusion system, created in the year 2018 by The National Online Self Exclusion Scheme Limited (NOSES), a non-profit organization, in the United Kingdom (UK). It was developed in order to keep the compulsive gambling activities of players in check, by providing them with the opportunity to remove themselves from online gambling for a selected period of time. 

The licensed online casinos in the UK are all under the aegis of GamStop, which in turn is controlled by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). Apart from the UK, GamStop is operational in other countries like Wales, Scotland, and England. The sports betting arena is single-handedly dominated by Football in the UK as it is the most-watched sport in this country. Despite this hype around Football, Basketball is slowly gaining popularity in the UK. 

British Basketball League, Scottish Basketball Championships, and English National Basketball League are some of the famous leagues that are to be mentioned. As Amongst the children under fifteen in the UK, Basketball occupies a second place as the most popular sport according to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. Gambling enthusiasts are therefore eager to place their wagers on the Basketball Gambling sites.

How does GamStop function?

GamStop is an online platform that is linked up with online casinos. GamStop is one prominent step towards responsible gambling as this can be used as a tool to monitor the excessive gambling habits of compulsive punters. But users should be aware of non GamStop betting sites in the United Kingdom that is still available even while being self-excluded. The punters can self-exclude themselves from the online betting sites by registering themselves on the GamStop portal. 

The player is required to enter a few personal information such as name, address, email address, contact number, etc. Usually, the self-exclusion period lasts for a definite period of time, also known as the Minimum Exclusion Period. This duration can be of 6 months, a year, or 5 years. After this selected self-exclusion period is over, the player can again log in to the sports gambling sites to gamble. This implies that the player has to wait patiently for the self-exclusion period to be completed.

Why should Basketball fans join GamStop?

GamStop is not limited to casino games only, the entire sports betting sector is also under the purview of GamStop, in the UK. Betting enthusiasts,  placing bets in sports like football, golf, basketball, etc., can experience the thrill of gambling while the sport is ongoing. This might be addicting as a sports gambling fan. To get rid of this addiction, the players can get themselves registered on GamStopThe gamblers can decide the duration of avoiding betting for a fixed period of time, after which they can once again enter the gambling sites to play.

Bankruptcy might occur when the excessive gambling activities of a punter are not kept under control. The gambler will go on borrowing money after losing and might run into debt. Credit card usage makes it even easier to borrow money and the punter cannot escape the vicious cycle.  Credit card payment is restricted while on GamStop.  This means that the player cannot borrow money indefinitely and have to wait for the self-exclusion period to end. GamStop seems to be efficient in resisting Bankruptcy amongst the compulsive punters, by controlling their gambling habits. 

What are the details to be entered while registering on GamStop

The personal details that are needed to be entered during registration on GamStop are Name, current address, contact numbers, postcode, previous postcode, current email address, previous email address, etc.

What are modes of payments available on GamStop

There are different modes of payments by which the punter can place a wager during gambling. However, many payment modes are unavailable on the GamStop platform. GamStop registered players can make the payment by cryptocurrencies as there are recent restrictions on using credit cards. Payment by e-wallet is another option by which transactions can be made on the GamStop portal.


GamStop is an effective tool in managing gambling activities amongst gambling enthusiasts. Basketball fans who are affected by betting sponsorship and love to gamble can register themselves on GamStop, which in turn will control their compulsive gambling habits and can restrict them from over-indulging in Basketball gambling. Moreover, bankruptcy due to uncontrolled spending and borrowing of money by the punters can also be avoided.

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