NBA Verifies Limit On Gambling Sponsorships

NBA Verifies Limit On Gambling Sponsorships


Soon you won’t be able to see ads related to bookmakers and gambling on the jerseys of NBA teams. This is actually something that is being used all over the globe right now and NBA is the new addition to the change. So, why did this happen, and what does it mean? Let’s discuss the topic in detail.


First Things To Know

The explanation here is simple. NBA will ban teams to use or show logos and ads related to bookmakers on jerseys. This happened after the Washington Capitals of the NHL and previously it was rejected. Keep in mind that this refers to season 2022/2023. It is an obvious thing these days and a well-known fact. Teams will still be able to show all kinds of other brands and ads on their jerseys. But, all of those that are from betting platforms are not allowed. Obviously, only the biggest providers advertise in NBA, for example, popular betting sites that don’t require ID check usually try to find other ways to advertise and attract customers. NBA teams have been using this as a source of income for years and the goal is to promote a brand in return for investment. Teams have been using those investments to train harder, invest in players and so much more.Â

Since 2018 NBA teams had the ability to promote betting platforms on their jerseys. It was a common thing back in the day and it is still common in some parts of the globe but there are massive changes. 


Less Betting Ads Across The Globe

According to NBA this addition or limit is something that is becoming more and more present all over the world. They state that in Spain these ads are completely banned. In the United Kingdom, there are similar rules and there are even more regulations that are implemented. All we can add is that these limits are becoming more and more common around the world and they will soon become mandatory in all leagues.

NBA is the latest addition to this block and the reasons why are obvious. Fans will be less exposed to betting platforms which means they will want to bet less. It makes NBA about the sport and not about betting. See, more people are exposed to something, especially in the field they like, such as NBA they will want it. In this case scenario, they will want to promote betting more and they will want to support their team. This means that there will be more bettors present. But, betting is a form of gambling and it can be addictive. NBA is just trying to help and reduce gambling harm. This is a huge issue for some bettors right now and something that some of them are worried about. Yes, there are treatments, helpful things they can use but this is still a problem.

You all know about the issue with Evander Kane. Apparently, he placed bets through his ex-wife. The league explored and investigated the issue and discovered that this wasn’t the real case and that he didn’t make any efforts during the matches to affect the score according to the bets placed. This issue proved one thing and made players concerned. It made a link between the sport and betting massive and a huge problem. Of course, this link in this form must not exist, Betting while you are a player on the match where you play is not allowed in NBA and other leagues

The overall goal of the NBA is positive and appealing. Fewer ads of this kind should help people bet when they really want to and not be intrigued by the ads of the team they like. This should be a positive and a nice addition to the sport and to the league of course. There are a lot of things you need to know here. Some teams can still promote betting companies in some form while others are using cleverer methods to do that. Betting is popular and appealing activity. However, it is important to add that it can be addictive as well. In that case scenario, a lot of problems are present and can be seen affecting fans and players.

NBA is also making other changes in this case scenario. They are generally promoting responsible gambling which is a safe option. Players can use setoff rules which will protect them while playing and keep them safe from massive losses. If done correctly, betting and gambling are 100% safe and there are no issues here. If done in an improper way, massive issues will appear. 


The Final Word

This is one of many additions the league is going to make. We know and can see that many other leagues all over the globe are making massive changes. This is done so they can make sports more about playing and competing and less about gambling and profit. We still don’t know how these changes are going to affect NBA teams. They have been getting a massive profit from the betting platforms for years. Less money means less investment in the team and the potential.

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