The Reason Behind Anthony Davis’ Green Bay Packers Fandom 

Photo Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

The Reason Behind Anthony Davis’ Green Bay Packers Fandom 


After the Los Angeles Lakers avoided a late San Antonio Spurs comeback in the fourth quarter yesterday, Anthony Davis revealed that he didn’t have time for overtime, because his Green Bay Packers were playing.


“I had to put the ball in my hands so that we can hurry and get the game over with. My Packers are playing so we couldn’t go into overtime. We had to hurry up and get it done.”



His post-game statement raised many questions. Why is Anthony Davis, who not only is a Chicago native, but also still loves his hometown very much, a Green Bay Packers fan?

Well, the explanation is pretty easy. Turns out Davis never was a really football fan before he came into the NBA. He then simply chose the Packers because he knew some of the players. But he’s been a fan ever since.


“I was never a football guy and then when I got to the NBA, guys were like you got to have a team. I knew some guys from the Packers and just became a fan. I get a lot of hate and stuff from it, but I don’t really care.”


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