Kevin Durant And James Harden On Returning To OKC

Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Kevin Durant And James Harden On Returning To OKC


When the Brooklyn Nets visited the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday night, it was Kevin Durant and James Harden’s first visit as teammates at their old stomping grounds.

So the game may have been a little bit special for Kevin Durant and James Harden who both began their careers with the Thunder/Sonics franchise.

After the Nets’ victory, both All-Stars had the chance to reflect and were asked about their time in OKC.


“Yeah you think about the foundation,” Kevin Durant said. “And where you built yourself up as a pro and this is definitely the spot for me. Taught me all about what it means to be a pro, people here in the organization, really guided me as a young player. You know that set the foundation for what I am today. So a lot of great memories coming back, seeing a lot of people and it’s good to see folks here and play in front of this crowd, it’s been a minute so I had a good time.”



James Harden, who unlike Durant was traded away from the Thunder, was surprised to hear booes from the audience, while revealing that the game wasn’t special to him.


“No. I’m just trying to come in and win. For me it’s been a long time so… 

…I don’t know, wasn’t my fault so I don’t know, I don’t really care, honestly.”


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