The Orlando Magic Had The Most Incredible April Fools’ Prank In 2009


The basic idea of the prank certainly wasn’t new, as it’s been done before, but when the Orlando Magic set up this prank, they added an amazing and unique twist.

It happened on April 1, 2009 during halftime. A blindfolded fan was about to attempt a half-court shot for $100,000. Before the shot, when the man was somewhere in the arena signing the waiver/contract, the audience was informed to prank the man and start cheering like crazy once he shot the ball, tricking the contestant into believing that he just won $100k.

The first time I saw this prank was on Streeter and Amir’s prank war, and to this day is my favorite prank of all time.

After the Orlando Magic had the man shoot and miss and the crowd cheered, everyone thought they got him good. That feeling of success didn’t last long though, as the disappointed contestant took the mic and said he really thought he won the money, which he needed as he had just been laid off from work. The crowd was shocked, before finding out that the contestant was an actor and that it was them who were being pranked.


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