I Asked ChatGPT For Some NBA April Fools Pranks


Artificial Intelligence programs that use machine learning algorithms to generate human-like responses to natural language inputs, such as ChatGPT, have become glowingly popular. Almost everyone is talking about it, and while some are amazed by it, others have had mixed reactions with some even being scared.

Since today is April Fools Day, I asked ChatGPT to generate some funny NBA pranks for said April Fools Day. Here’s what it came up with:


  1. First up, we have the “Fake Dunk Contest” prank. Convince your friends that the NBA is introducing a new competition where players have to perform ridiculous dunks like jumping over a giant inflatable chicken or doing a cartwheel before slamming it home. Bonus points if you create a fake press release and social media posts to really sell it!
  2. Next, we have the “Switcheroo Jersey” prank. Get your hands on a friend’s favorite player’s jersey and replace the name and number with those of a lesser-known player. Watch their confusion as they try to figure out why their favorite player suddenly looks so unfamiliar on the court.
  3. For a classic prank, try the “Referee Whistle” trick. During a game, blow a referee whistle as loudly as you can from the stands. Watch as players freeze in confusion and the referees try to figure out where the sound is coming from. Just be prepared to quickly make your escape.
  4. Announce that the basketball will be replaced with a beach ball for the entire month of April. Players will have to adjust to the new, bouncy ball, resulting in some hilarious moments on the court.
  5. Create a fake press release announcing that the NBA will be merging with the WNBA to create a co-ed league. Watch fans’ reactions as they try to wrap their heads around the logistics of this new league.
  6. Finally, for a more elaborate prank, create a fake trade rumor involving your friend’s favorite team. Spread the rumor on social media and watch as your friend frantically checks their phone for updates. Just make sure they’re a good sport and won’t get too upset when they find out it was all a joke!


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