The Most Unnecessary Injury In NBA History – Tony Allen Tearing ACL On A Dead Play


Before Tony Allen matured and became the Tony Allen we all remember, he did things every now and then that just boggled everyone’s mind.

One example being the Celtics game against the Denver Nuggets in 2005. With 2:27 to go in the fourth quarter, trailing by 23, Tony Allen went for a self-bounce windmill dunk… not the time to show off.



While this showboating just was a bit unfortunate and childish, a different unnecessary dunk situation led to a horrific injury. In 2007, during a game against the Indiana Pacers, Allen went up for an uncontested dunk, after the referee had blown the whistle.

Allen though continued driving to the rim, went up and threw down a dunk. But instead of the uuuuhhhhs and aaaahhhhs by the crowd, all he got to hear were gasps, as he landed awkwardly and ended up tearing his ACL, ruining the rest of his season.


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