‘The Jordan Rules’ Author Reveals What Michael Jordan Is Most Afraid Of

Photo Credit: Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

‘The Jordan Rules’ Author Reveals What Michael Jordan Is Most Afraid Of


When talking about the most fearless competitors in the game of basketball, Michael Jordan is definitely at the top of the list. The Chicago Bulls legend was a player who never backed down from anyone or any situation, and without a doubt that there are plenty of accounts that support that notion.

But while Jordan is some sort of fearless assassin on the court, that personality of his doesn’t extend beyond basketball. Because like everyone else, the Bulls superstar has his own fears in life as well.

In a recent article published on NBA.com, Chicago-based writer and ‘The Jordan Rules’ author Sam Smith revealed the things that Jordan is most afraid of. 


“Jordan was upset because he thought it would destroy his image. That carefully cultivated image, while profitable, also hung over Jordan like a dead weight. I remember once talking to him about things he feared, figuring he’d mention death or serious injury.

“He mentioned swimming since he said he couldn’t and feared the water as he’d once seen a friend drown. But he also mentioned something happening and it staining his image as a major fear. I was a bit taken aback. He talked about a recurring nightmare about having done something embarrassing or improper, like using drugs or drinking inappropriately.”

In the same article, an excerpt from Michael Jordan’s past interview, where Jordan himself confirmed his fear of staining his image, was also included by Sam Smith.


“It’s a nightmare of me doing something that would destroy people’s dreams or conceptions of me. What if I make a mistake and let everyone down, change what they think if me? It’s the biggest fear I have.”


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