Steve Nash Says OKC Was Using Kevin Durant The Wrong Way

PhotoCredit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Steve Nash Says OKC Was Using Kevin Durant The Wrong Way


On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress declared the thirteen American colonies as a new nation–the United States of America–and no longer part of the British Empire. The day would become an American holiday; a day of pride, remembrance, and celebration across the great nation. Fireworks bursting in front of the night sky while sparklers are glaring in front of a young child’s immense grin are common images thought upon for the Fourth of July. But, in 2016, it was way different. An Independence Day decision made by one of the NBA’s greatest players would send thousands of Oklahoma City Thunder fans–as well as NBA fans in general–into a tizzy, upsettingly remembering the news they heard that morning.

What was the horrible news? The city’s most beloved son, Kevin Durant has decided to part ways with the team to join forces with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green in Golden State with the Warriors.

Now, about two years later, we’ve unfortunately gotten used to Durant playing for the Dubs. In these two years, the team won back-to-back championships, with KD winning back-to-back Finals MVP awards. But was it OKC’s fault to not have won anything with Durant and Westbrook (and Harden)? According to Steve Nash, it was.

The two-time MVP was guest on The Bill Simmons Podcast and explained how Durant’s talents were misused in Oklahoma City.


“The more he plays like a point guard or a playmaker, I think the more brilliant he is,” Nash said. “The way they played in Oklahoma City all those years where he had to like go out and hold his man off at 25 feet, catch the ball, face five guys, and put the ball on the deck and try to take a tough pull up from 18 or wherever. The less of that and the more of him just getting in a pick and roll, getting off the ball and moving, or getting off a pindown and putting it down, breaking the defense down. That’s where he’s like the best player in the world.”


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