Damian Lillard Reveals His Preferred Landing Spots If He Were To Get Traded

Photo by Steph Chamber/Getty Images


Damian Lillard’s name has been a popular one swirling around the rumor mill for about three seasons now. No matter how many times he reaffirms his loyalty to the Portland Trail Blazers, everyone around the league still continues to monitor his potential exit.

Coming off a tough season that saw the Blazers finish 33-49 to miss the playoffs, recent chatters say Lillard still plans to stay with the Blazers, but there’s a demand of wanting the front office to reciprocate his loyalty by surrounding him with better assets to compete for a championship. 

While Lillard is naturally a loyal basketball player, he still has every reason to think about his future and weigh up his options elsewhere. Making his appearance on “The Last Stand” podcast, the 32-year old point guard now revealed his preferred landing spots if he were to get traded from the Blazers.


“Miami, obviously. Bam is my dawg.” Lillard said. “Brooklyn is another obvious one, because Mikal Bridges is my dawg, too.”


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