Steve Kerr Explains Similarity Between Michael Jordan And Stephen Curry

Photo Credit: NBA on TNT

Steve Kerr Explains Similarity Between Michael Jordan And Stephen Curry


Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry may have varying games and personalities, but according to Steve Kerr there’s actually a similarity between the two players.

Considering the fact that he was able to spend years with both of these transcendent players, perhaps nobody is more credible comparing the two than Kerr himself. He was a teammate of Jordan for four seasons with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s and has been Curry’s head coach with the Golden State Warriors since 2014.

During an interview on ‘95.7 The Game’, Kerr explained what it was like playing with Jordan, while claiming that he gets the same feeling with Curry.


“It’s a little bit like — people ask me, ‘What was it like to play with Michael Jordan?’ Well, every night was a show,” the Warriors tactician said. “That was the biggest thing with Michael. Every single night you just were in awe of what you were watching. And because of that, I never really thought of one moment with Michael Jordan. That’s kind of how I feel with Steph.

“He’s had so many big games for us, so many big shots, but there’s not really one that stands out.”


Curry has indeed had several big moments that are too good not to remember. Some notable games that come to mind include his game-winning shot against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the 51 points in three quarters against the Washington Wizards, his 33 second-half points against the Houston Rockets last year and the ‘I’m Back’ game against the Portland Trail Blazers in 2016.

We can’t deny that Curry is one of the most exciting and influential players of all-time. He may not be on the same level as Jordan in terms of dominance, but he’s up on the mountain top when it comes to influence, excitement and fan appeal. Just who wouldn’t be in awe watching Chef Curry?

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