Stephen Curry Has the Greatest OT Performance in NBA History

Curry Overtime Open Court

Stephen Curry Has the Greatest OT Performance in NBA History:


Golden State Warriors MVP Stephen Curry put up 23 points on 2-of-13 three-pointers in regulation of Game 4 against the Portland Trail Blazers, and it seemed like he turned human.

After missing the potential game-winning shot at the buzzer, Golden State and Portland were heading into overtime tied at 111. The Portland Trail Blazers were not ready for Curry’s overtime explosion.

Stephen Curry opened overtime scoring an incredible twelve straight Golden State points. Five more points in the extra quarter brought Curry’s total to 17 points—an NBA record for most points in a single overtime.

Just when Portland thought they stopped Curry in regulation, he turned it up in overtime to lead Golden State to a 132-125 Game 4 win.

Statistic Breakdown.

Stephen Curry through the first three quarters of Game 4: 13 points, 6/18 shooting, 0/9 threes. Stephen Curry in the 4th quarter + OT of Game 4: 27 points, 10/14 shooting, 5/7 threes. Curry and the Warriors (up 3-1) look to end the end the series Wednesday night at home.


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