Stephen Curry Has Filed A Trademark For The Phrase ‘Night Night’

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Stephen Curry Has Filed A Trademark For The Phrase ‘Night Night’


Stephen Curry is in the news more than usual these days. Rightfully so, since the 34-year old offensive marksman has earned yet another notch on his belt, winning his fourth NBA title and his first Finals MVP.

During this year’s playoffs, and given the Warriors’ success, we’ve often seen Stephen Curry’s ‘night, night’ celebration, when he signaled the opposing team and its fans, that it’s over.

In the meantime, this celebration has made its way to other sports. Barcelona’s Ousmane Dembele was one of the other athletes making use of it after scoring a goal, for example.

Since his celebration is becoming increasingly popular, Curry has now done the right thing and filed an official trademark for the term ‘night, night’ that could extend to apparel, footwear, and other products.


10 days after the NBA Finals, @SC30inc filed trademark paperwork for the phrase “Night Night” — to be used, as expected, in footwear & apparel. The filing also could extend to as many as 35 product categories, like bedding, glassware, boxing equipment & alcoholic beverages.


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