Stephen A. Smith’s Hilarious Lakers Roasting Rant

Photo Credit: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Stephen A. Smith’s Hilarious Lakers Roasting Rant


The Los Angeles Lakers have been a mess this season and it seems as this continues well into the off-season.

The Lakers still haven’t found a coach who is willing to take on the task, Magic is gone, other star players are more and more unlikely to sign with the team, there even are trade rumors about LeBron James, and the team seems to be dysfunctional overall.

All of the above has now triggered Steven A Smith to get into one of his famous rants on ESPN. This is hilarious! And he’s right…


“Tell me what has made sense about the Lakers over the last several years. Tell me what!

The Jim Buss era, the dysfunctionality that ripped through the franchise like a virus between Jim Buss and Jeanie Buss, and what that relationship was like. Remember when they were trying to recruit marquee free agents? Nobody would even look at them, because even when you showed up to the Lakers facility, you had to meet with them separately because they didn’t want to talk with one another.

Now Jim Buss is gone, Magic Johnson’s coming in. He’s the savior! Oh my god, everything’s going to be just great! And what happens? He quits on you! Doesn’t even tell you that he’s quitting. Doesn’t tell LeBron James that he’s quitting. That’s what happened.

Who is you GM? Rob Pelinka. What’s his executive experience? He’s an agent. Not an executive in the NBA, no experience. He’s an experienced agent, not an experienced GM. He’s a GM of the Lakers that can’t get calls returned.

And then all of a sudden you’re hearing the name Linda Rambis. I know Kurt Rambis. I didn’t know anything about Linda Rambis, other than the fact that she was Jeanie’s best friend, until weeks ago. And now you have her influencing basketball decisions! You can’t make this up!”


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