Dwight Howard Believes He Can Still Dominate As A Backup Center In The NBA

Photo Credit: David Zalubowski / Associated Press


Dwight Howard has had quite a journey over his recent NBA season. His career took him from the Atlanta Hawks to the Charlotte Hornets, then to the Washington Wizards, and onto the Los Angeles Lakers, where he won his first and only NBA championship.

He played for the Philadelphia 76ers before circling back to the familiar Lakers franchise. However, after his last run with the Lakers, finding another NBA home proved challenging for the veteran center. Unable to secure a contract, Howard took his talents in Taiwan, where he continued to be an athletic freak and a defensive force.

Following his time in Taiwan, Howard’s confidence in his ability to play in the NBA remains undiminished. In a recent interview, the former No.1 overall pick has stated clearly that he still has plenty to contribute to an NBA team.

Per Complex:


“But I know that there’s at least 15 to 20 teams that I could play for. And I know there’s teams that got great starting centers, but I know I could be a great backup center.

I know I can provide a team with 25 minutes of dominant basketball. And that’s not even scoring, that’s just playing defense, locking people up, protecting the paint, rebounding, and finishing around the basket. I’ve had my fun in the game. I just want to go out like a champ like I’m supposed to.”


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