Stephen A. Smith Loses It Over The Knicks’ Free Agency

Photo Credit: Willie Weinbaum/ESPN

Stephen A. Smith Loses It Over The Knicks’ Free Agency


It was supposed to be the Knicks’ offseason, but after missing out on Zion Williamson on draft night, neither Kevin Durant, nor Kyrie Irving signed with them. What makes things worse is that they signed only 10 miles further, in Brooklyn.

Even worse are the reports about the Knicks not offering Kevin Durant a max contract, because of his injury. A top 10 player of all time who still is in his prime?! Yup, Knicks fans gotta be mad and might hate James Dolan even more by now.

One of the Knicks’ most famous fans wasn’t too pleased about the franchise’s free agency – Stephen A. Smith:


“Need a few minutes to gather my composure. Some how, some way, I’m just trying to hold it together, you know. Lifelong Knick fan. Years of mediocrity. I thought this was going to be it, at least weeks ago.

…. $70 million dollars in cap space. Porzingis gone. Porzingis can’t be gone, and we don’t get KD, and we don’t get Kyrie. No way! This can’t happen! This can’t happen! But it happened. The New York Knicks, with KD on the market, Kyrie on the market, Klay, Kemba, Jimmy Butler. They can’t get someone to come to Madison Square Garden.”


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