Shaquille O’Neal Admits He Was a ‘Bus Rider’ Like Kevin Durant 

Photo Credit: Doug Benc/Getty Images

Shaquille O’Neal Admits He Was a ‘Bus Rider’ Like Kevin Durant 


Just like the entire Brooklyn Nets, Brooklyn’s best player Kevin Durant has also struggled mightily in their first round series against the Boston Celtics, in which they were swept eventually.

Durant not been playing up to his standards, has then led to far-ranging criticism. Like many others, Hall of Famer Charles Barkley also turned his focus on the 33-year old Brooklyn superstar for his lackluster level of play. Questioning Durant’s legacy, Barkley said Durant shouldn’t be walking around and talking like a champion.


Charles Barkley: “All these bus riders, they don’t mean nothing to me. If you ain’t driving the bus, don’t walk around talking about ‘you a champion.’ If you’re riding the bus, I don’t want to hear it.”

Kenny Smith: “But you don’t think he [Kevin Durant] was the bus driver in Golden State?”

Charles Barkley: “No, I do not.”

Kenny Smith: “You don’t think he was the best player on that team?”

Charles Barkley: “No, I do not.”

Kenny: “He was the best player.”

Chuck: “He got MVP. He wasn’t the best player. Iguodala wasn’t the best player, he got MVP.”


This then led to Durant responding via his social media channels, with Chuck and KD beefing for the better part of a week.

Trying to clear the air around Chuck’s statement, Shaquille O’Neal now talked about this topic his The Big Podcast with Shaq and also revealed that he also was a bus rider while he was with the Miami Heat:


“What that means is, you’re not really that good, not you individually, your team. And when you’re the leader of your team, it all falls back on you. So, that’s what he meant by that but you know.

Yeah, I was a bus rider in my last championship with DWade. I started off driving the bus but I was like DWade, here’s the keys you take it off and we were able to come back and win. There’s nothing wrong with that you know because it’s all a team process.”


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