Lakers Players Have Started To Make Goat Noises Whenever LeBron James Is Speaking To Media In Locker Room

Photo Credit: Gary A. Vasquez/USA TODAY Network


The GOAT debate will never end, and because Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James hasn’t skipped a beat and continues to make history, expect the controversial debate to heat up even more as time goes by.

Currently, it seems as Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan is still leading the debate, however, over the past few years, many have started to acknowledge that LeBron may already be the GOAT.

The debate has always been somewhat subjective, which is also why there aren’t any wrong or right picks, whether that be Jordan, LeBron, or someone else, like Magic, Kareem or Wilt.

The current Lakers’ roster however seems to be riding with LeBron James as their GOAT, which also is understandable. In recent games, Lakers players have started to make loud goat noises, whenever LeBron is speaking to members of the media in the locker room.


The last few times LeBron James has addressed the media at his locker, his teammates have chimed in with goat noises. This is the loudest it’s been — most of the locker room was doing it.


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