Shaq performed “the naked Man” in the Lakers’ and Suns’ Locker Room

welcome to shaqass

Welcome to Shaqass

Shaq performed “the naked Man” in the Lakers’ and Suns’ Locker Room

We all know Shaquille O’Neal has a great sense of humor, that’s what we love him for, right?! His former coaches Phil Jackson and Alvin Gentry now revealed, that Shaq’s sense of humor involveds a lot of nudity.

Phil Jackson shared one of Shaq’s stories in an interview with ESPN.

Well, you know, numbers of times, he could crack a team up with humorous effects on the floor. There were times when he shocked us all in a practice situation, especially when he showed up nude with just his shoes on.

Alvin Gentry, Shaq’s coach during his time in Phoenix, revealed O’Neal used to enter the Suns locker room naked and prank teammates by engaging them in “Brazilian naked wrestling”.

“The thing that he did that he got to be notorious for is that, every few days or every week or so, he would decided that it was time for this Brazilian naked wrestling contest. You didn’t know who the chosen one was, but what would happen when you least expect it, this 7-foot, 310-pound guy would turn the corner, and he would be stark naked and he would run right at you full speed, grab you, he would take you to the floor and then he would do about five rollovers with you. And he would always tell our trainers who it was going to be, so they were always prepared for it, but you never knew who it was going to be.”


Ex Lakers teammate Brian Shaw also had a funny story about Shaq the exhibitionist. (

In 2003, Lakers guard Brian Shaw was in the final season of a 14-year career. At 36, his age was starting to show both in his game and appearance. He had to shave his head every few days because hair no longer grew on top. But one day, Shaw lost a bet, forcing him to let his hair grow out, bald spot and all.

After a few weeks, Shaw looked ridiculous. Back then, the Lakers always started practice by meeting at midcourt. But one day, O’Neal didn’t show. A few minutes later, everyone heard that booming voice. “WHO AM I?”

Out walked O’Neal, wearing socks, high tops and a towel over his head – nothing else.

“We think that’s the joke, this 7-foot, 320-pound guy walking out naked,” Shaw said. “But when Shaq got to midcourt, he takes off the towel, and he has his head shaved down the middle, trying to look like me. It was so funny.”


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