Scary Hours? LeBron James Says He’s Feeling Better Physically This Year


While the Los Angeles Lakers did reach the playoffs and even made it to the Western Conference Finals last season, it’s apparent that they weren’t quite firing on all cylinders, largely due to LeBron James’ injury woes.

Last season saw LeBron slowed down by a right foot injury that caused him to miss a month of regular season games. Although he made a regular season return and pushed through the playoffs, it turned out LeBron had played through the final stretch of their season with a torn tendon in his right foot, an injury that typically requires longer than four weeks to recover from.

Thankfully, things are different now. LeBron has avoided significant injury this season and has even completed the regular season with 71 games played, his highest total in a Lakers jersey. With this being the case, LeBron confirms he’s feeling better physically this year compared to last season.


“Better than I did at the end of the season last year going into the postseason. Obviously still dealing with it, whatever the case may be, some small things here, some small things there, but I took a lot of pride in the offseason in just trying to get my ankle, foot back in order, get my body back in order It’s definitely paid me off for me throughout the regular season.”


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